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What you will learn in this book
Inside our guide you will find the tips and tools we have developed to give our runners the physical and psychological advantages they need to smash their running, health and fitness goals. 

- Have you struggled to fit in training with your busy lifestyle?

- Maybe you are an absolute beginner and don't know where to start or perhaps you have done a few races but keep having motivation or injury troubles?

- Or maybe you have been running for years but the huge mileage you used to do is not bringing the results and you don't know why.
- Do you want to beat last years time or finish at the front of the pack?

If you answered yes to any of these question then this book will help you.

Regardless of which distance you are tackling whether it's your first 5km or your hundredth ultramarathon you need an holistic training system that is simple to understand and to stick to. 

You need guidance, accountability and structure. You don't need endless junk miles, time wasted destroying your health and resilience

Our Plans are based on our 5 pillars approach which is very different than most coaches out there
Run Sessions, Mobility Workouts, Strength, Nutrition, Mindset.

If all this book did was give you one tip or one bit of advice that stopped you getting injured, or overtraining would it be worth it?

Running Training

Get a snap shot of one of our athletes training weeks.

Strength and Core Work

All movement should start from your core! Learn and try one of our go to core routines.


Cut the CRAP out of your diet and learn how much water you should be drinking each day to perform at your best.

Mobility and Flexibility Work

Get access to our favourite warm up and use it before all your runs and see how much better you feel.

Mindset Skills

Learn why stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system is so important and try our daily breathing exercise.
Lisa Tamati & Neil Wagstaff
We are Lisa Tamati and Neil Wagstaff, co- founders of Running Hot Coaching. 

Lisa is a professional ultra endurance athlete with 25 years competing in the worlds toughest events, author of two best selling Running Books, Run and Mindset Expert.

Neil is an exercise scientist, ultramarathon runner, run and health coach

Between them they have over 45 years experience competing in the world's toughest endurance events and coaching thousands of athletes of all levels from all over the planet.

Running Hot Coaching was born from our lifelong passion for running, health and fitness. We have put thousands of kilometres and many years of research into creating  the perfect and simple to follow  system for runners of all levels.

Running Hot athletes also find massive improvements in their health, mental strength and resilience as well. 

Lisa and Neil love running and love transforming people's lives through running. It is more than just about running it's a way of life.

The Running Hot way of life.
Many Thanks to Lisa & Neil for sharing knowledge and experience in running extreme Ultras and changing my life forever. I wouldn’t be at that finish line without your help! It was amazing journey for me from finishing last, just meeting the cut offs to finishing the toughest 100 milers in great times.
— Lena Ellis 
Thanks guys 👍 my first ever half (and first running race since college over 20 years ago)! I know I wouldn’t have done so well without my running hot program and all of your answers and help with my questions!! Ended up running 1:42, 11th female home. 
— Corina Simpson 
Lisa and Neil believed in me when no one else did, you gave wings to my dreams and showed me exactly how to achieve them and now I have achieved my ultimate race dreams and smashed every race out of the park. Thank you 
— Gregor Gucwa - NOrway
5 weeks since joining RHC and 10minutes difference in my 5k times. Thanks guys
— Katie Virtue Smith
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