Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes we have a 30 day money back guarantee.
What currency is the pricing?
It's in US dollars.
Is this suitable for all experience levels?
Yes. The Run taster and Running Start plans are for beginners to intermediate runners. If you are wanting to run ultra marathons or run a PB with a specific time goal on your next half or full marathon we recommend either the Mad Runner plan or our customised coaching solutions.
What happens when I sign up?
 First up you get an email with your password to register on our site and instructions on how to use the platform,You will be able to choose your plan, join the online community through our members Facebook page, meet the rest of the Running Hotties, and you will receive series of emails with valuable training information.

If you joined on the Mad Runner plan or customised packages you will contacted regarding a consultation time on skype or phone.
What resources are available on the inside of the platform library?
We have a ton of articles, videos, podcasts, clean eating recipes etc for you to peruse at your leisure, on every conceivable training related issue.
Is there email support?
Yes - If you have any technical difficulties or specific running based challenges you are welcome to email us at info@runninghotcoaching.com
Do you offer other services?
Yes, Lisa also has a mindset academy which is an online eCourse called "The Path of an Athlete" and is all about how to develop mental toughness, resilience, leadership qualities, keeping motivated and focused and developing a never quit mentality.
Neil and Carlos are both Kaizen Health Practitioners and offer health coaching services. These include 1:1 health coaching, food sensitivity testing and adrenal function testing.
We also work closely with other professionals including Nutritionist and Exercise scientist Dr Nick Kimber, Ben Warren form BePure and Dave Liow and Angela Jenkins from the Kaizen Institute of Health.
Do you have Partner discounts available for members?
Yes, we and we are constantly looking for other new health and fitness related companies to partner with so we can offer our members discounted prices. You can see the current offers and get the coupon codes as part of your plan.
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