Erena Shing
"As a stay at home mum raising twins, having a program for my goal, enables me to prioritise my day and gives me confidence that I’m training smarter and will be event-ready right when I need to be. Running Hot Coaching are a big part my journey, supporting me well beyond the finish line."
Amy Thomas
"As a busy working Mum I get asked often how I manage to fit in all my training. My reply is that if you want something bad enough you find time. Running Hot Coaching has taught me that quality training over quantity training is the key."
Steve Mayo 
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you gave me over the last few months. The programme and your additional advice really did get me across the line. The discipline of the weekly schedule with helpful videos definitely helped to keep me on track and built well towards the final goal of completing my first marathon.Again thank you and all the best to you and the team at Running Hot Coaching."
Katie Virtue Smith 
"5 weeks since joining RHC and 10minutes difference in my 5k times. Thanks guys"
Jess Hanara, New Zealand Power Lifting Champion
"Easier training, increased energy!"
"Switching from eating 6 meals a day to eating at 10am, 2pm and 6pm has made my training easier and helped increase my energy."
Gus Benzie, Endurance Athlete
"My food and exercise just flow now"
"Concentrating on my mind and social connections has allowed me to have much more fun in life and my food and exercise just flow now"
Pauline Korevaar
"Living more fulfilled and healthy!"
"Epigenetic Express has given me insights at a whole different level, so i can put my joy and happiness first and live more fulfilled and healthy at the same time! By understanding my body's rhythm and needs, i can now allow myself to start the day more relaxed, fine tune my natural instincts and connect with myself and others, using my talents at the right moment and in the right places."
Kirsty Karhula
"The Peak Epigenetics programme has been the best change i've made"
"Working with Neil, he pretty much halved my fitness and running programme and stressed to me it was quality over quantity. It was hard at first to slow down but within the first two weeks i had more energy, was sleeping better and the fatigue levels were dropping. Eight weeks later blood test and specialist appointments confirmed my cortisol levels had gone from below acceptable to within normal range... the epigenetic programme has been the best change i've made. Thanks again to Neil for all the value he has packed into this programme."

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